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Azure Spa Limited


Skin Treatments
Nail -Waxing & Hair Services

A personalized service created for each of the various skin types, helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and possible puffiness, while strengthen skin's elasticity and restoring of youthful appearances.



Refresher Facial
While nourishing the skin through cleaning and conditioning this facial is based on relaxation.
25 Minutes  $40
Deep Cleansing Facial
Deep pore cleansing including extractions this treatment includes steaming, massaging and a mask suited to your skin's specific needs.
50 Minutes  $70
Deluxe Oxygen Facial
For all skin types, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a complete face treatment, gently, but deeply, cleansed, massaged and polished with Karin Herzog Mild Scrub that contains finely powdered marble and is non-abrasive. Any blackheads are removed. This helps erase fine lines by using Vita-A-Kombi Cream (Karin Herzog)
90 Minutes  $95

Azure Spa Ltd. - British Colonial Hilton - #1Bay Street. Nassau, Bahamas - P.O.Box N9303

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