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Azure Spa Limited

Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments
Nail -Waxing & Hair Services

Body Wrap
Choose from Algae, Mud or Herbal wraps to revitalize the body by eliminating toxins and impurities. A relaxing treatment designed to restore moisture and elasticity.
50 Minutes  $65
Contour Body Wrap
4 to 7 inches in one session!
Visible results from the very first treatment. The unique blend of essential oils, in an Aloe Vera base, smoothes the skin texture - including cellulite - tone the tissues, and improves the blood and lymph circulation.
60 Minutes  $70
Body Scrub
A Vichy Shower treatment using Natural products to remove dead skin cells while revitalizing circulation.
25 Minutes  $ 40
Hydrotherapy Bath
A high pressured, heated whirlpool designed to eliviate pain and invigorate the body. It consist of 26 water and air jets.
25 Minutes  $40

Azure Spa Ltd. - British Colonial Hilton - #1Bay Street. Nassau, Bahamas - P.O.Box N9303

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