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Azure Spa Limited


Skin Treatments
Nail -Waxing & Hair Services

Manipulation of the muscle to increase relaxation, drainage of the muscles and the improvement of skin tone. Your choice of Athletic Shiatsu, Reflexology, Swedish, and Aromatherapy Massage will help soothe body, mind and spirit.


Swedish Massage
The common form of manipulating the muscles to acheive relaxation.
25 Minutes $40  -  50 Minutes  $65
A customized massage using natural and essential oils of plants and herbs for stress, aching muscles and the rebalance of the body, mind and soul.
50 Minutes  $70
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
A deep, penetrating manipulation of major muscle groups usually associated with sports strains and long term injuries ar scarred tissue.
50 Minutes  $80
An oriental technique used to release tension and the blockage of energy pathways. Restore balance while concentrating on pressure points.
50 Minutes  $70
A Chinese system based on the pressure on the premise that there are points on the hands and feet that correspond to all the body parts and organs. Pressure is applied to these points to eliminate knots and release stress and tension.
50 Minutes  $55

Azure Spa Ltd. - British Colonial Hilton - #1Bay Street. Nassau, Bahamas - P.O.Box N9303

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